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Facilitation Services

I have been making a living facilitating meetings since 2017. Facilitation makes use of creative processes to facilitate difficult complex conversations. You will experience good engagement by participants from the beginning to end. And if you have experienced meetings where discussions get nowhere, check me out.

What Meeting Should You Hire Me to Facilitate? 

Difficult and complex the meetings where you need deep discussions and creative feedback from your participants to resolve your business issues. Examples include...

Corporate or Team Retreats

Team Building Meetings

Conflict Resolution Meetings

Decision Making Meetings

Any difficult or complex meetings you think require creative processes

Try me and experience the art of facilitation that drive deep discussion, fresh thinking and take your important meetings to the next level

Blogging for Business

92% of businesses that blog regularly get more clients from their blog!

What if I tell you that your business is already dying a slow death if you don't already use blogging as part of your content marketing strategy? What if I tell you that blogging can help you establish your business as an industry leader, get you more customers and keep them coming back for more of whatever you have to offer?

A to Z Blogging for Business Training Course

I'll teach you all blogging for business from a to z. What is blogging? Why blogging for business? What are blogging platforms available and which one is for you? How to set up your blog? How to strategize your blogging for business journey? How to get started? How to keep moving forward? How to know what works and what doesn't? And much more. 

Course Outline:


What is blogging? Why blogging? You'll learn the anatomy of blogging in this part of the course.


Your why for your blogging journey. Always start with why to keep the big picture in perspective, especially when you falter and are not patient enough.


Identifying your target audience. With the audience in mind, you will know better what they want and how they would like to interact with you. After you blog for them.


Developing strategy for your blog content. After knowing your why and the audience you want to target, you will learn how to develop the strategy for your blog content, to keep ideas coming for new blog posts. 


Writing your blog. Here, you will explore how to write a killer blog headline and how to make your blog posts easy and attractive to read and engage your audience. 


Different ways to engage your audience. Should you have a bribe for people to sign up and keep coming back for more? An e-book? A free course? You'll learn different ways to engage them.


And much more... I will work with you to design the course that fits you and your business. 

Use My 13+ Years of Experience to Help Your Business Blog

I learned everything about blogging the hard way. You don't have to. Just use me whatever you want to know and do about blogging be it the basics -- like, What is blogging, Why blogging? What are blogging platforms available and which one is best? How to set up your blog? -- to more advanced blogging advice like How to strategize your blogging for business journey? How to keep moving forward? How to know what works and what doesn't? 

Get me to set up a blog for you, FREE!

If you want to create a blog and don't know where to start, I'll do it for you for FREE. I love blogging and how it has benefited me in many ways. So, I am always excited when someone wants to have a blog. 

Yes, it is free. All you have to do is to sign up for web hosting through my partner hosting provider SiteGround, where I host all my blogs and websites and love so much after all the bad experiences with a few other hosting providers.

Legal Consulting that streamline your business process

LL.M. from Nagoya University, Japan. Over 14 years of legal experience in nonprofit, private sector and also government. 

My expertise includes contract, labour & employment and also investment projects. 

Legal Research and Writing

If you’re a lawyer and happen to be already hard-pressed for time, or if you need an English writer who can read the Cambodian law, I could come into picture to help you out. With over 10 years of experience, I could offer unique legal research and writing to assist attorneys and law firms.

My legal writing services include legal memorandums and legal correspondences such as legal opinion letters and advocacy letters.

Labour Law for HR

I offer a wide range of topics on labour and employment law training for companies. These include employment contract, workplace dispute resolution, and fundamentals of Cambodian labour law. 

I can also offer training on specific topics as required by companies. 

Employment Agreements & Policies

Well-drafted employment agreements are critical to protecting the many business interests. And Cambodian labour law could be confusing if you don’t understand what effects the different types of employment contract could cause. 

My services with regard to employment agreements include reviewing, drafting and execution of employment contact and related polices.  

Find out more about my legal service on NiteSastra.Com

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