Fearless Productivity

My Productivity Journey

I read many books on productivity and followed the systems carefully. Getting Things Done and Pomodoro techniques, iPhone productivity, email management, time management, saying no to requests - I've tried them all. 

I can get very focused and get a lot done every day, but still I am not happy. In fact, I felt even more overwhelmed.

A Long Break from Productivity 

I gave up on productivity in 2016 to bring light-heartedness to the work that I did. Other people and my iPhone could easily distract me and I feel even worse. Messaging, Facebooking, answering calls from others, looking for opportunities to get away from difficult tasks... were all I did all day long, day after day. 

My Return to Productivity

Then meditation awakened my productive soul in me. It shed new light on how I see productivity. I've come to realized that I can bring light-heartedness to the work I need to focus on. 

More important, productivity should move me closer to my meaningful work.  

Fearless Productivity Method

It is intended to move you closer to your meaningful work, day by day, task by task, one habit at a time. 

And this requires a great deal of courage to face fear of uncertainty. If you have never thought about it, you would wonder why you should care. Or it will be a pain to think about where to begin. 

It is ok to go through life without doing meaningful work if you can be happy with a life like that. But if you are not, Fearless Productivity could be a useful system you can use.

These are some of the things you will learn in the Fearless Productivity:

  • Meditation. The framework teaches you basic meditation practices to bring your awareness to your daily life. It helps you focus fully on your tasks.  
  • Habits. You cannot rely on motivation and drive to get meaningful work done. Fearless Productivity helps you create productivity habits necessary to get you in the flow.  
  • The Stress-Free Planning. Learn the art of stress-free planning to make your day meaningful and end it with a sense of achievements.  
  • State of Flow. I will reveal techniques to achieve the state of flow. The experience transforms your sense of time as you are absorbed into your task. 
  • The One Thing. Multitasking kills. You will learn the power of single-tasking and techniques that you can use to tap into that.  
  • Tracking System that Work. You'll learn the tracking system that I used to double my productivity and create habits of reading, writing and mindfulness. 
  • Continuous Improvement. While most productivity gets you through your day with little stress, Fearless Productivity focuses on continuous improvements in your productivity journey. 

These make up the framework for the Fearless Productivity. You can use them in all areas of productivity such as time, energy and attention management.  

Training for Your Team

I offer flexible programs for Fearless Productivity training to fit your budget and time. It can go for as short as one full day or as long as 30 days of training sessions. 

One-Day Training

Learn the Fearless Productivity Method and apply what works for your team. Or you can choose what to focus on specifically such as:

  • Email management
  • Time management 
  • Attention management
  • Organize your day
  • Beat procrastination
  • Phone configurations for productivity

Or any other productivity topic that your team needs. 

30-Day Fearless Productivity

The 30-day training can take place over a period of a year. It covers...

  • framework for Fearless Productivity 
  • meaningful work
  • its applications to the areas of meaningful work for your team 
  • team coaching to apply what you learn.

Your team will be sure to fully apply the the Fearless Productivity Method to work (and live) better. 

Want a customized program for your team?

Maybe your team is ready to take productivity to the next level. You might just notice that they can benefit from being more productive. Or you simply believe that your business can grow better if your team are productive. 

Whatever your need, I can provide a free consultation and customize the Fearless Productivity to work for you. 

Let's get in touch.

Who is Behind Fearless Productivity?

Y Samphy

LL.M, Japan (2009)

Bachelor of Education, Cambodia (2005)

Bachelor of Law, Cambodia (2002)

Hi, I am Samphy Y, the creator of Fearless Productivity. 

I am a business and legal consultant. My former employers and clients include the US Embassy, the Arbitration Council Foundation (ACF), law firms, Australian Aid and AECOM. 

Productivity is my lifestyle. I am productive in both my client's projects and my own projects.  

The methods and techniques in the Fearless Productivity Method has helped me get my projects done around my busy family schedules and also achieve my meaningful work on this website and blog. 

I believe that Fearless Productivity is a productivity system that adapts to your meaningful work and let us work (and live) better. 

Thanks for reading this far and I look forward to working with you and improve your team productivity.