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Let Me Facilitate Your Important Meeting so You Can Experience Meaningful Discussions and Outcomes for Your Business.

Tired of These Meeting Issues?

  • Participants multi-task or are not engaged during your important meeting after all your days and nights of preparation. 
  • How hard you try, it's always happening that some talk too much while others are so silent and don't contribute enough. 
  • The discussions keep going round in circles, resulting in a poor meeting outcome. 

Hi, I'm Samphy. I am a facilitator.

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Creative Meeting Processes

Experience creative meeting processes that will help you get the best out of the discussions.

The very purpose of a meeting in the first place is for the meeting organizer to tap into the collective potential of the group. Unfortunately, most meetings end up being unproductive. Participants multi-task or get distracted by their phone notifications. Some talk too much while others never say anything the entire time. Most meetings are not as productive as they should be.

Facilitation processes can help you get into the depth of the discussions, therefore understanding the roots of the matter and emerging with meaningful solutions.  

Your meeting could do better. A meeting done right can change the world. You can make a difference meeting by meeting.

engaging meeting

A typical problem in meetings is that attendees are not engaged and don’t deliver any useful input. Meetings can be exhausting and it’s hard to keep your team engaged. You might have a certain meeting culture and that’s often hard to change.

I have different methods to make sure you get more input or discussion in your meeting, turning them into engaging and productive meetings that command their attention, interest and engagement from the beginning to the end.

collaborative Approach

So you notice that some people in your meeting monopolize the discussion and others hardly have anything to say until you ask. I use meeting techniques and processes that will help you gain collaboration of all your team members.  

Manage Meeting Dysfunctions Effectively

The meeting is supposed to start yet some of the participants are still missing. Some are busy with grabbing coffee, chatting, checking emails and talking on the phone. Then in the middle of your well-thought process, one stands up and suggests a different way to move forward. And another starts telling an endless story about how it has been done in the past. It could be good but it could be a dysfunction. 

The right tools will make managing meeting dysfunctions easy and... fun.

Meaningful Discussion and Outcome

Meetings are important for your business to survive and thrive and they are intended to help you tap into your audience's potential and creativity. But oftentimes, the discussions keep going round in circles producing a poor outcome. My facilitation tools can help you tap into your audience's creativity and encourage meaningful discussions. Outcome? Meaningful.   

And More...

With all the fun creative and innovative tools and processes I have as a facilitator, I can help you run a better meeting for you and your business. 

Focus. I can help maintain keep your participants focused and on track with less interruptions and deviation from the well-thought agenda.

Deep discussions that will bring out the best in everyone, for everyone - for your business.

Better interactions. Your participants will get a level playing field to interact and provide useful inputs. 

Will you want these to happen in your meeting?

  • Your participants give you their full attention and interest. 
  • A meaningful meeting outcome that get a buy-in from all involved in the process. 
  • Meeting participants feel accountable to whatever comes out as a result.

Business Sustainability and Growth

Most meetings are a waste of time and money. Yet, meetings are necessary to get the right things done, right, for your business. I believe that I have a better way to make your meeting deliver what it's supposed to deliver. 

The Power of Facilitation

I myself wasted lots of time in meetings. I wasted a lot of time running bad meetings myself. Now that I have found a way to lead meetings better, my wish is that more and more people will learn and running meetings better than they used to do. 



Delivery, Training & Coaching

Get the right things done, right, meeting by meeting

My Meeting Facilitation Services were developed as a result of my frustration about how unproductive meetings have wasted time, money and energy of people like you and me. You can hire me to do the following:

  1. 1
    Meeting Facilitation. I facilitate your business meeting for you. We will sit down together to discuss your intention, purpose, objectives and the outcome(s) you wish to get delivered through the meeting. Then, I'll design the meeting and run it for you and/or with you.
  2. 2
    Facilitation Coaching. I coach you and your team to design and develop a meeting plan. Tell me the issue you're trying to solve in the meeting and together I'll coach you different processes that will deliver results. 
  3. 3
    Facilitation Training. With this service, I will train your team to people on how to facilitate meeting that could bring out the best in all involved and deliver the best possible result for everyone and the business.

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I appreciate your reading this far! I do hope that I can help you run your meetings differently and change the way you think of how to run a meeting forever for your business. 

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Samphy Y


LL.M, Japan (2009)

Bachelor of Education, Cambodia (2005)

Bachelor of Law, Cambodia (2002)

Go beyond productive meeting and make it meaningful for your business, in the long run. 

My vision is to help you realize the art and power of facilitation and get the best out of your important discussions. The creative tools and processes help your team explore issues in different forms of activities: talking, writing, drawing and acting. 

Meetings are necessary. They can help us get things done, right. They can help us get the most important feedback to survive and thrive in our business. Meetings can help us build a better teamwork and grow together as a business. Yet, we can do a better job at it. Let's get started

Why facilitation?

I believe if you've read this far, you should not ask this question. But if you do, I'd invite you to ask yourself this. How were your past meetings? Were you happy with them? If not, it's time to try me and what I have to offer and see for yourself. 

Advantages of facilitation vs common meeting problems

Advantages of facilitation

  • Engage people right from the start to the end. 
  • Creative processes 
  • Deep discussions that are not impossible in the way most meetings are run. 
  • Level playing field for all involved to contribute and therefore feeling accountable for the outcome. 
  • Creative outcome accountable by all involved. 

Common meeting problems

  • Participants multi-task or get distracted.
  • Some people monopolize the meeting and others hardly contribute anything at all. 
  • It's boring and unproductive. 
  • It's just a time killer for some participants. 
  • Outcome is uncreative. 

Fearless Facilitation

Delivery, Training & Coaching

Here's What You Get from my Fearless Facilitation Services:

  • Engage your meeting participants 
  • Learn creative meeting processes
  • Encourage meaningful discussions
  • Create level playing field for contribution to the meeting outcome
  • Manage dysfunctional behaviors professionally
  • Co-create the meaningful outcome accountable by all

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by my 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If your meeting participants are not engaged and if my processes are not creative, just let me know and I'll send refund your money immediately.

Y Samphy

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Delivery, Training & Coaching

Let's work together to get things done, right, meeting by meeting!

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

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