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Y Samphy

Price and value

Price and valuePrice and value are different. Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.

Generally high price equates high value.

A “deal” is when you get something of high value, at a low price.

$2 for a healthy food is a deal. $300 or less for the latest model of an iPhone is a deal.

$300 for iPhone 4? Maybe. Maybe not.

Another point to remember is some things lose value over time and that others gain value as it gets older. So be sure to calculate that into the equation too.

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I’ve been there. You’ve gotta listen to me.

I've been there. You've gotta listen to me.

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What would you do when someone gives you advice based on their personal experience?

“I’ve been there. It didn’t work, so don’t do it.”

“I’ve been there. I know you can do it.”

The fact someone’s been there does not translate into their getting experienced in that. Experience is not what we’ve been through; It’s what we learn from what we’ve been through.

One person’s experience does not mean anything for you. It does not mean if you do it, you will also fail or succeed. What it does mean is this. It suggests you can try. You should try whether they’ve been there and failed (or succeeded).

It doesn’t matter if someone’s failed or succeeded; what matters is whether or not you believe it’s a chance worth giving it a try.

In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take much more than the ones we did take that didn’t work out.


Breathe. Deeply in. Slowly out. Take deep breaths.

It’s meditation.Breathe. Meditation.

Breathe when you’re emotional (angry, disappointed, sad…). It will give you space to think more clearly and respond appropriately.

When you feel overwhelmed, breathe. You will feel relieved.

Breathe when you’re worried about what happened yesterday or that something bad will probably happen tomorrow. It will allow you to focus on the present.

When you’re in a hurry, breathe. You’re remember to slow down and more focused.

Breathe… and grow calm, focused, energized. More importantly breathe and welcome each moment in life as they come and go.



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Doing what you love

There’s big money in the “doing what you love” thing. Why? Because everyone wants to do what they love and get paid for it. Because there are those who can do what they love.

Do what you love Those who have managed to do what they love are making a handsome income and inspiring millions around the world.

But why have so few managed to do what they love? Maybe because we don’t know what we love.

Because we don’t know how to make a living doing what we love.

Because we are not willing to do the hard work.

Because we’re not brave enough to embrace uncertainty.

Because we were taught to follow the conventional thinking in today’s world.

Because we have failed badly and are not willing to take more risks.

This list goes on and on.

For whatever reasons, what I keep in mind is that there are people out there who are making a living, some a fortune, doing what they love. I know that I can too.

So I have and will continue to learn from them, take the responsibility to make it happen, decide to try and embrace all my doubt and uncertainty and question conventional ways of thinking.

I know YOU can too.

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Decision to try

My decisions to try gave me my previous and current jobs.

My decisions to try have pulled me far. A lot of my successes came with my decisions to try.

Some time ago I made it my habit to decide to try when I was skeptical or unsure, as long as it was something that might give me what I want. And that’s when my life situations started to improve.

Later on I saw this quote.

“Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.” ~Zero Dean

Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try

In my experience, I could have waited in most situations until everything is perfect. In fact, I did, a lot at first. But what I learned then was that nothing will ever be perfect and that a lot of the time spent waiting was the time wasted.