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Y Samphy

The sign you’re on the edge of comfort zone

If you feel afraid of your future, something is going to happen. If you are excited about life, something is going to happen. If you have these feelings, it is the sign you are on the edge of your comfort zone. You might fail; or succeed if you take action about it.

Doing what you’re afraid of or excited about makes life meaningful partly because you will get more than what you deserve, what you’re capable of.

The problem, though, is not that people don’t do what they’re afraid of or excited. The problem is that they don’t know what they are afraid of or excited because they are busy enjoying their comfort zone.

The crowded part on the success ladder

The crowded place is not very much at the bottom of the ladder as a lot of people have started climbing before you.  It’s not at the top as only few will get there and be called a success. The crowded place is in between the bottom and the top of the ladder. It’s where lots of us get stuck.

“The ladder of success is never crowded at the top.” ~Napoleon Hill

But if you don’t push through the crowded part, you’ll never get to the top. And if you go with the same mindset and strategy as the crowds, you’ll become one of them. A different mindset and strategy either push you back to the bottom or take you to the top.

Just a few ideas about earning passive income

Before you dive in, it’s important that you not confuse passive income for not working. You need to work as hard or even harder. As smart or even smarter. The difference is that once you’re done, you can earn income from it even while enjoying your time on a beach or sleeping.

Here are just a few popular ideas that could let you earn passive income.

  1. Blog
  2. Build email lists
  3. Build a membership site
  4. Sell products online
  5. Sell an information product
  6. Affiliate marketing
  7. Internet marketing
  8. MLM (multi-level marketing)/ network marketing
  9. Direct selling
  10. Sell ads
  11. Lend with interest
  12. Invest, say, in securities such as stocks and bonds
  13. Invest in pension if it’s privatized
  14. Sell insurance
  15. Lease your real estates
  16. Create an app or software
  17. Write books (e-books, audio or print)
  18. Create videos
  19. Sell photos on stock photography clearinghouses
  20. Translate great books for sale
  21. Turn into a product (like audio and video training) your expertise, coaching, teaching, speech, consulting service…
  22. Sell with vending machines
  23. Bank savings

And the list goes on and some even are surprising.

Some of the ideas are self-explanatory; others need explanation. But for now let’s not get bogged down in the detail. The takeaway is there are lots of ways to earn passive income.

Some are doable in Cambodia at present; others far less feasible. And that could be a topic for my next post if you’re interested in hearing what I have to say about earning passive income in Cambodia. Please feel free to tell me using the comment section.

Why are we not rich? And where to begin?

Wealth alone falls short in my definition of “rich”. Living with dignity will add but still it’s not enough. Not until I have these: time and mobility. This is the definition of rich of the New Rich who abandon the deferred life plan and create luxury lifestyles with the time and mobility they enjoy.

There are a lot of reasons we’re not rich but the two vital factors that have shaped the poor in us are:

(1) We were taught wrongly to study hard in order to be employed with lots of salary and free weekends. At least this is exactly how I was taught as a child. While I am very much grateful for being one of the top 5-10% wage earners in Cambodia, time and mobility should also form part of my definition of rich.

(2) We are ignorant of the endless ways of making more money than we can earn being an employee. (Subject of future posts. So stay tuned and sign up to have my updates delivered right in your inbox.)

It’s never too late to join the New Rich. First and foremost, you need to undo what you were taught and change your mindset to: Learn hard and be your own boss, doing what you love and what is good for others. (I used the word learn because not all who study actually learn.) If you can really do this, it is a good place to begin.

It’s not easy but it is possible. And the thing is that there are more opportunities than you’ve ever known to earn more income than being an employee. Of course, I’ve been talking at length about earning passive income. For as far as I know, this is the only way to get the time and mobility you desire to become a New Rich.

More on this later, so stay tuned.

Qualities of successful entrepreneurs

7 qualities of highly successful entrepreneurs as I have learned from several books and articles could be summed up as follows:

  1. Highly successful entrepreneurs do what they love. “A man is a success if he gets up in the morning and gets to bed at night, and in between, he does what he wants to do.” ~Bob Dylan
  2. They believe in their ability to succeed.
  3. They think of solution, with the end result in mind.
  4. They know how to experiment with their ideas without feeling like they’re a failure if their experiment is unsuccessful.
  5. They work real hard and smart.
  6. They apply 80/20 rule in everything they do.
  7. They continue learning all life long, from their successes and failures, their friends and enemies, anyone.