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Y Samphy

Alan Watts: What if money was no object?

Read this comic if you still believe you can’t afford to do what you love.

What if money was no object?

Of course, doing what you love does not necessarily mean all “office” jobs are dreary cubicles where you turn your brain off. If you love computers and technology, you can still do what you love working for companies like Google, Microsoft, Apple, Facebook or Twitter. The girl in the comic probably can still do what she loves working for a riding school instead of owning one herself.

Going to college and working office jobs could be a stepping stone or a milestone on your way to doing what you’re passionate about. The point is to make sure that the work you do and get paid for is what you love.


Comic by Gavin Aung Than of  zen pencils

Settling the differences

Both sides are right but still there are differences.


They would not solve the problem if they insisted on being right. Often, being right is not the solution. Ending the differences is sometimes impossible.

The solution is not to settle the differences. It is to maintain and sustain the interest of both sides and trust in each other and accepting the differences lays the solid foundation for that to happen.

And this is no easy task but can be learned.

One sure fire way to never be disappointed

To never, ever be disappointed, learn to expect nothing. Or expect the unexpected. Or in other words, see the glass as already broken.

Expect me to be imperfect. I try and make mistakes all the time. I get angry and emotional just like you.

Expect my boy to mess up as he does. I did too when I was a child.

Expect my friend to say no when I ask for help.

Expect things to go wrong.

Expect other drivers to be rude.

“When I understand that the glass is already broken, every moment with it is precious.” ~Mark Epstein, Thoughts Without a Thinker

Doing what you love

A common question to ask when it comes to doing what you love is, what would I do if I did not have to worry about money? The answers may be traveling the world, writing, spending more time with family… Many don’t actually know the answer. We want to do so many things.

The question is too broad.

A better question is, What would your days be like if you didn’t have to worry about money? Write down your answer.

Then ask yourself…

  • Of all the activities you list are there anything I can do to make some money from?
  • What can I do on a daily basis to move toward my ideal day?

Once you figure out the answer, show up every day to position yourself in the right direction. Learn new skills. Build trust and authority in that area. Find ways to start making some money from it.

To change your life, you need to change what you do every day.

What does prioritizing mean?

Prioritizing does not mean finding time to do something; it means making time to do it. What you make time for is your priority. What you find time for is your option.

But… you don’t want to prioritize every thing. You can’t. Nobody can.

You can prioritize what matters to you. Desire must always determine actions to live life to the fullest.