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Jim Carrey’s speech at MUM in a few words, “Wow! It’s so entertaining as always, and moving!”

“You could fail at what you don’t want [but have to do] so you might as well take a chance on doing what you love.” ~Jim said referring to the lesson from his father who chose to work in a safe job only to lose it when Jim was 12 years old.

If you can’t see the video, click here to view it on YouTube!

[HT: Amit Sodha of Unlimited Choice]

Truth about writing and the one tip

Writing: paper and pen

Writing brings to mind clarity. If I write what I want to speak, I speak better.

Writing keeps my learning alive. I have to learn, a lot, to keep writing daily.

Writing makes me want to read more.

Writing helps improve my communication skills.

Writing gets me social as I share my writing online.

Writing helps me help others.

Writing improve my logic and thinking.

Writing is difficult. I did my research. I thought I knew what to write. As I sat down to write, I couldn’t find the right words. Or I didn’t know where to begin. Or a second thought came and I went, it’s not good enough…

That’s why so few write. And that’s why I should.

Those who do write get the lucks. They work harder and get luckier. “The harder I work, the luckier I get.” ~Smuel Goldwyn

If you wish to get started, here’s the one tip: Show up.

Write. Every day.

Write at least 300 words a day.

Write when you can’t wait to write.

Write when you don’t feel like writing.

Write when you know what to write.

Write when you don’t know what to write.

Write how poorly.


Flickr Creative Commons photo via Olivander

I am a writer

I am a writer. I don’t have the resources or the physique or the connection that successful writers have. I may have them as I keep doing what I do, again, again and again, day in and day out. Or I may not.

But I do have the same keyboard.

“Here’s the thing: you may not have the resources or the physique or the connections that people who do other sorts of work have. But you do have precisely the same keyboard as everyone else. It’s the most level playing field we’ve got.”

I write because it matters. So I will never fail; I either write poorly or well. I can always work on my word.

[HT: Seth, Jeff]

Shift of focus

Yes, I’ve decided to shift the focus of this personal blog of mine to what it was intended to do originally, which is sharing quick thoughts and useful stuff for self-improvement. It involves sharing photos, videos and links that I find useful and I want to reflect on. I will also write quick posts on self-improvement here.

Why? Because it was meant to be like this from the beginning. More importantly and often I often have to take time to think which one I should publish my posts: here or my other blog Work/Life Pointers.

My invitation… is for you to head to Work/Life Pointers, take a look around and if you find it useful, subscribe to get my updates there.

Thank you for being my reader and allow me to share with you what I find useful for our self-improvement.

Don’t expect magic till you do this

Don't expect magic till you do this

photo credit: Express Monorail

We learn and learn and learn, but no magic happens as a result of our learning. Truth be told, no magic happens from learning.

No, magic doesn’t happen from learning, but from doing what we’ve learned.

So we can never expect magic until we put into practice what we’ve learned. If we do, we might succeed, or fail. But if you don’t, your chance will be none.

It’s easy to say this. We know it. You would agree with me. But it’s just so easy to not take action about what we’ve learned. Though I kept reminding myself very often, I still did little.

I could talk a lot about blogging, blogging as a career, driving traffic to blogs and websites, ways to build an email list because I’ve read about these topics almost every day for about 6 years! But I did very little. I found a hundred excuses for not putting into use what I’ve learned.

Why do we not practice what we’ve learned?

Because it’s scary. For my blogging example, it’s scary to approach the big guys and ask them to guest-post on their high traffic blogs. It’s scary because I’m not confident if my writing is good enough to get accepted.

Because it requires that we do the things we’ve never done. I’ve never done guest-posting. Some of the techniques requires that I acquire another skill in order to implement them. I don’t have the discipline to learn it.

Because we’re not confident we will succeed. It would be a waste of time and energy if I learned the skill and it didn’t pay off.

These are just three reasons why we tend to put off doing what we learn.

What can we do to pull up the courage to take action about what we’ve learned?

Accept that it’s scary but at the same time, keep in mind that courage is not the absence of fear but the ability to take action in the face of fear. We all have fear (fear of uncertainty, fear of failure, fear of death,…). Brave men are those who have the courage to act despite their fear.

Accept that we might fail if we take action but that if we don’t, we can never expect the magic that might follow. The only way to stand a chance of succeeding is to act.

Start small. If you’re like me, there are so many things you need to learn to blog for a living, from writing to setting up a blog, to choosing the right design, to building an email list, to driving traffic, to choosing how to monetize your blog, to converting readers into customers… Instead of getting overwhelmed, just get started with a small/ tiny action you can do now.

Keep the momentum going. Momentum accumulates what you do day in, day out. What you accumulate determines the outcome of your daily actions.

Be consistent. Consistency makes things easier to do. If you are consistent in not practicing what you’ve learned, you will have a 100% chance of failure. If you are consistent in actually practicing what you’ve learned, your chance of success is high.

Parting advice

Never, ever expect magic until you act on what you’ve learned! Period.