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Y Samphy

Why the same thoughts keep coming at you?

Ideas, commitments, ought-to’s, might-want-to’s, etc. become your responsibility. It means you have to take action about it. As productivity guru David Allen put it

“Until you have installed sufficient idea-capturing and idea-processing tools and procedures, and the habits to use them effectively, your mind will be burdened with a job beneath its rank—something it dislikes and doesn’t do very well.”

Until then will your mind have space for creativity.

What’s your full potential?

No one knows what your full potential is nor what your limitations are. YOU don’t either. Not until you try and keep at it. In other words, you don’t know what you’re really capable of doing until you try and never give up.

Even when you hit the ceiling, that does not necessarily translate into reaching your full potential. You can still break through a ceiling and then another, then another, if you keep learning and adapting.

Probably there is no finish line on your path to discovering your full potential.

You may be a great writer, a talented cook, a smart lawyer. Yet you are making a living or even barely making ends meet while others in the same profession (some not even as good as you) are making a fortune.

It’s not enough to get good at what you do if you want to become rich doing it. Why? They know how to sell better than you do.

Although iPhone phones are no better than some other smart phones both in terms of features and technology (even the design, I’d say), Apple has been making much more money than other companies. Apple knows how to sell better.

Learn to sell if you want to make a bigger income from what you do now. Sell yourself for a better pay. Sell your “thing” for a income or a fortune. Learn to sell.

After all, we don’t call the author of the book read by millions a “best-writing author; we call them a “best-selling author.”

Acquire your ability to choose what to think about and you will develop the ability to live the life you want. Imagine if you could choose to think about business ideas while by default you should be trapped in thinking about your family problems. Imagine if you could to think about what you desire in life instead of falling victim to financial crisis.

Your ability to choose what to think about is more powerful than you know. Napoleon Hill wrote in Think and Grow Rich, “You are the master of your destiny. You can influence, direct and control your own environment. You can make your life what you want it to be.” And basically you can do it by developing your ability to choose what to think about.

It is no easy skill to develop but it is possible if you start observing your thoughts. So from now on when you are in the midst of negativity (be it sadness, anger, hatred, disappointment…), tell yourself what would you like to think about and then, actually think about it instead.

Think and grow rich. Think and be happy. YOU have the ability to choose what to think about and be who you are, what you desire. You just need to realize you CAN.

Another way to look at experience

Some experiences are good, others bad. Yet, all are always learning experiences. This is another way to look at what you’ve been through on your path to achieving something.

Letting go of the outcome allows you to learn from your experiences. In other words, if you let go of the outcome, what’s left is a learning experience. This gets you in motion and get more experiences than others. A man with enough experiences in their field is then called an expert.